Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here ye, here ye...Emarie is 7 months old!

Soooooo.... where did October go?  I'm amazed at how little I remember about October.  This weekend is Halloween, my little Rudy dog will be 7 years old, and Emarie is another month closer to her 1st birthday.  

At the Pumpkin Patch

This month here's what E's done:
1. She's crawling on her tummy, and will stop at nothing to touch a dog paw, a cell phone, a remote control, or a laptop.

Looks like she's plotting something.

2. She's eating new foods: yogurt, pureed meat {yuck}, mashed potatoes, and carrots.

3. She's a wobbly sitter and usually falls over in a matter of seconds.  Unless she's kickin' it in a high chair at a sushi or mexican restaurant {that's the two places we've been where she rocked a high chair sans car seat}.

4. She pulled herself up yesterday for the first time.  She wanted her daddy's "adult beverage" and pulled herself up using his shirt.  Wish we had gotten it on camera.

5. She's babbling more and more.

6.  She's taught herself how to blow bubbles, or spit.  Not sure, you can decide from the video.

Her {unofficial} weight this month is:  about 15.8 lbs

How funny is this?

Her most favorite things these days are:

1. Her Panda.  She will fixate on him/her until I bring him/her close and then she will grab and hug him/her with all her might!   It's cute.

2. Izzy dog.  She just sits and laughs at Izzy.  You'd think this would give a dog a complex, but not Izzy, she KNOWS she's awesome.


3.  She really likes going to the grocery store.  People tell her how cute she is and there's so much to look at.  Who wouldn't like that.

Shopping in the kitty shirt, thanks Grammi!

4. She still really enjoys the bath.

Eating bath toys

Time has really flown by, but that's to be expected right.  Over the next few months we are looking forward to time with family and friends, some college football action, and the holidays!  I will post some Halloween photos next week!  Happy Fall Everyone!


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  1. So cute Mrs. Tara...she's adorable. Can't believe time has gone by so fast. You are very good at this blogging and you will treasure this keepsake for years to come. As fast as she's grown, it'll get harder and harder to remember the times. Kyle said he can't even remember anything before fourth grade. At least you'll have a member for E.