Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Here ye, here ye...Emarie is 7 months old!

Soooooo.... where did October go?  I'm amazed at how little I remember about October.  This weekend is Halloween, my little Rudy dog will be 7 years old, and Emarie is another month closer to her 1st birthday.  

At the Pumpkin Patch

This month here's what E's done:
1. She's crawling on her tummy, and will stop at nothing to touch a dog paw, a cell phone, a remote control, or a laptop.

Looks like she's plotting something.

2. She's eating new foods: yogurt, pureed meat {yuck}, mashed potatoes, and carrots.

3. She's a wobbly sitter and usually falls over in a matter of seconds.  Unless she's kickin' it in a high chair at a sushi or mexican restaurant {that's the two places we've been where she rocked a high chair sans car seat}.

4. She pulled herself up yesterday for the first time.  She wanted her daddy's "adult beverage" and pulled herself up using his shirt.  Wish we had gotten it on camera.

5. She's babbling more and more.

6.  She's taught herself how to blow bubbles, or spit.  Not sure, you can decide from the video.

Her {unofficial} weight this month is:  about 15.8 lbs

How funny is this?

Her most favorite things these days are:

1. Her Panda.  She will fixate on him/her until I bring him/her close and then she will grab and hug him/her with all her might!   It's cute.

2. Izzy dog.  She just sits and laughs at Izzy.  You'd think this would give a dog a complex, but not Izzy, she KNOWS she's awesome.


3.  She really likes going to the grocery store.  People tell her how cute she is and there's so much to look at.  Who wouldn't like that.

Shopping in the kitty shirt, thanks Grammi!

4. She still really enjoys the bath.

Eating bath toys

Time has really flown by, but that's to be expected right.  Over the next few months we are looking forward to time with family and friends, some college football action, and the holidays!  I will post some Halloween photos next week!  Happy Fall Everyone!


Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Half a year already?!?!?!?!

First things first... finding time to mommy blogging is hard.  I haven't been on here in a LOOOOOONG time.  I need to do a better job of documenting E's life.  Would day-by-day be too much? Overboard? Psycho? Hmmmm.  I think so.

Well, it's been a whopping 6 months and 2 days since my little sweet cheeks was born.  Everyday has been a miracle and a challenge.  Life is so full of smiles now that she's in our lives.  Oh and don't forget the frustrations too.  Who knew every day could be so sweet and make you realize how lucky you are, then one second later, make you want to pull our hair out.  Awww, kids!

So here's a great video of the good times.  E's little laugh is so cute.

Her measurements from 4 mo to now:
@ 4 months-                                    
ht: 23 3/4 inches
wt: 13 pounds
head cir: 16 inches
clothing size: 0-3mo and 3-6 mo
diaper size:  2

@6 months-
ht:  26 inches
wt: 14 pounds 14 ounces
head cir: 17 inches
clothing size: 6 months
diaper size: 2
Her likes and dislikes:
a bath                                    
wearing hats                          
sweet potatoes                      
bananas & apples                                    
going on walks

wearing socks
getting dressed
the stroller (she'd rather be held)

mom love:
this is were i want to gush about my cuddle bunny.  she's a smart and silly little girl.  i can't wait for her to crawl, her first steps, her first tooth, her first words (better be mama or someone will get hurt, just kidding, or am I?), her first friend, her first day of school, her first everything.  I think you get the picture.  When babies are this young it's impossible not to wonder what they will grow up to be.  E has the strength of a toddler, the will of an adult, and the smile of an angel.  i bet she plays sports, but if she doesn't that's fine.  i want her to follow her heart and be what she wants to be.  i used to want to be a smurf, so maybe she will have higher aspiration than i did.  her father wanted to be an architect (what an over-achiever), so let's hope she leans toward that and not a small blue animated thing.  when i look at her, i know time will go so fast, that soon she'll be sixteen, then in college, then married... whoa, whoa, whoa.  mind slow down please.  i look at her as she is sleeping and realize when (if, haha, i can retire at 29, right?) i go back to work, i will miss spending all this time with her.  these are memories that I am so lucky to have.  she will probably not want to take naps with her momma before too long.  so, right now, as she struggles to leave my side, i cherish it.  i'm sorry to those who get tears when you try to hold her, but those tears remind me that she thinks i'm the best thing since sliced bread.


Saturday, August 6, 2011

it's a girl, her dad, and some rice cereal

today we dove into a new tasty treat called rice cereal.  i tried to be a nice wifey and get the grocery shopping done, so we didn't have to fight everyone and their dog over the weekend, and i grabbed some Gerber rice cereal for E.  i figured now is as good a time as any to see if the girl can eat like her momma.  and.....(drum roll......).... she can.  makes me so proud.

i attempted her first introduction at lunch, four bites, not all that interested.  would rather take her bottle.  i didn't push it, since the handout from the doctor's office said it's good to ease into it.  whatever that means.  how do you ease into eating cereal as a 4 month old? anyway, i told myself i'd let her try it, if she was ready great, if not, oh well.  so after my attempt, i figured it wasn't her time and we'd have to wait a few more weeks.  i sent ryan a quick pic of his sweetness trying cereal for the first time, then curled up on the couch with my darlin' and took a siesta. what a great friday!

when the man of the house came home, he was eager to try the cereal with her.  i think guys like when their kids first learn to eat because it's messy.  he just wanted to see how messy she could get without me getting antsy and pulling out the steam mop.  for whatever reason, today i didn't care about a mess.  i think i'm too tired this week to even care about the tidiness, or lack there of, of my house.  i say this after i swept the kitchen, vacuumed the carpet and couches (thanks dogs that shed like there's no tomorrow), and did all our laundry.  guess i cared a little, huh.

but i recorded this 'real' attempt at rice cereal with her dad.  moms out there, ever feel like you do all the dirty work all day, and sometimes can't get your kiddos to do/try anything, then dad comes home and they are all for it?  that's how this new adventure went down.  dad had the magic touch with the cereal.  i see a new full-time job for ryan in the near future!!!  he will hear me say, "but she likes it when her daddy feeds her."

here's the video and some photos of our neighbor Sophie.  she's just a couple month younger than E and she's wreaking havoc and mayhem on her parents as well.  she's such a sweet little thing.

have a great weekend!


More E:

ps- i just set up a youtube account and this video was only 3 minutes, but it took forever to get it uploaded. sheesh, when E wants to do a music video to make it big like justin beiber, i'll be waiting forever to upload that.  

pps- i'm sacrificing good sleep for this post...what am i thinking.